Fran On BeachYou may remember that song from the animated movie,shutterstock_409779892 Madagascar,’You’ve got to move it move it’….little cartoon lemurs movin’ their little bodies all over the place dancing. Did you know that in reality lemurs in the wild are adept dancers–true exercise buffs?  Yes, turns out they know something a lot of us Americans would rather discuss on the couch while never getting off the couch– the fact that exercise will improve your health and well-being!

I was one of those couch potatoes who knew exercise was good for me. I had many ‘plans’, owned many exhilarating exercise DVDs, how-to books, etc., but I let busyness and laziness get in the way. Quite frankly, I didn’t want to think about it corresponding to my health.

Then, one day I had a very serious diagnosis…cancer, that surpassed by a landslide the collection of Fran On Lawnother nagging chronic diseases and disorders building up in my body that I was habitually ignoring.

Cancer–the bottom line was that I wanted to live and would do anything to make that happen. It was quite motivating. I began with reading all I could about healing foods and spices. Every time I put something in my mouth the selection of foods I chose were for my healing. Food became my medicine. I ate to live. However, in due time I realized there was a more holistic approach that was necessary to my recovery. Besides food, two crucial healing factors were emotional well-being and exercise. Emotional well-being included getting my thoughts and behavior patterns under control. Health is very much impacted by being ‘mentally good’ to yourself–
this is the ability to accept and appreciate yourself without engaging in negative self-talk. It also involves discernment, learning how to let go of draining people and situations yet detaching with love (more about this in a future post).
 Exercise was the second crucial addition after the food component that proved essential for empowering my health. Let’s explore exercise benefits here.   

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer?  Look no further that exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. And the benefits of exercise apply regardless of your age, sex or physical ability. You can choose the way you want to “move it!”

Here are seven ways exercise can improve your life according to the Mayo Clinic:

No. 1: Exercise controls weight

No. 2: Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

No. 3: Exercise improves mood

No. 4: Exercise boosts energy

Fran On BeachNo. 5: Exercise improves sexual intimacy with your spouse

No. 6: Exercise improves your sleep

No. 7: Exercise is fun for you and your family

Take a cue from those little lemurs in Madagascar and get moving. Exercise is personal and should be fun.  I chose power walking, jogging (I love being outdoors) and yoga.  Be creative and free to decide what form of exercise is you. Maybe you’ll decide to take up a new sport… I know a friend who met her husband by joining a bicycle club. What a beautiful and healthy love story.  Seeing your body change and revive through exercise is empowering and it will build self-esteem as well as health. Let me know what you discover. It will encourage and help other readers.


Did you know?  The ten leading causes of death in the United States are:

  1. Heart Disease *

  2. Cancers *

  3.  Lower respiratory diseases *

  4.  Stroke *

  5.  Accidents *

  6.  Alzheimer’s disease *

  7.  Diabetes *

  8.  Influenza & pneumonia

  9.  Nephritis syndromes (inflammation of the kidneys) *

10. Suicides

Did you know that all categories with a star * have a strong nutrition linkage and are known as chronic, degenerative illness.

Other Chronic (on-going) Diseases that are prevalent in our society and have strong nutritional connections are:

  1. Obesity (2/3 adults in the US are overweight, 1/3 obese, increasing in our young people!)

  2. Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

  3. Chronic pain

  4. Hypertension   

And….how about pondering these statistics:

             US medical care costs rank number 1 in the world

             US quality of care ranks 35th – 40th in the world

Yes, food for thought, don’t you think?

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