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Hi I’m Francie! I am a Professional Whole Food Plant Based Chef, Educator/Speaker(M.S.Degree), Fran Chefand graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Certificate Program in Plant Based Nutrition. I am a Cancer Survivor and Thriver, an Advocate for Health Care change, a wife, a Mom, a friend, who wants to set a healthy table, (that sacred place of bonding and memories) for those whose lives I touch. I know what its like to be in the trenches of poor, ‘hit the wall’ health, with a breast cancer diagnosis eight years ago. I also know what it is like to live with mediocre health and lack of intrinsic well-being for most of my adult years, with chronic lack of energy, up and down weight gain, lack of quality sleep, and nagging chronic conditions; all with predictable low-self-esteem. And how about my family? We spent way too much time at Mc Donalds eating cheap, processed meals. I had no idea about nutrition and what to cook created daily stress!

  But then cancer changed everything…I wanted to live, which is highly motivating! After debilitating traditional treatments, I was more than driven to find a better way to live and not die; to watch my children grow up. Yes, living was my initial motivation which propelled me into study and research. I first started taking science courses at the local college which eventually led to study with T. Colin Campbell, author of ‘The China Study’, where I received a Certificate inPlant Based Nutrition. Over the course of the journey, I was more and more convinced that teaching people how to prepare healthy recipes was of utmost importance. Good recipes could change eating habits.That is precisely why I became a Professional Whole Food Plant Based Chef with the Rouxbe Cooking School.

To be clear, a Whole Food Plant Based Diet by definition includes plants, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds in their original, whole, organic state, that have not been changed or processed. It does not include meat or dairy.  My first step was to buy a VitaMix blender, thereafter, beginning to create every morning on a daily basis, vitamin rich, nutrient dense, Green Smoothies. Simple ritual but radically changing health over time.

I am an advocate of the ‘simple and easy’. When it comes down to implementing a practical plan, the big show, the change we are talking about…. it is found in the exhilarating crafting of beautifully plated, appetizing, colorful, delicious,yet simple to prepare recipes(7 ingredients or less)! Your tribe has to love and crave your food or they won’t eat it!!! So recipes are the main tools to success and I have plenty of them. I am also going to gently guide you into alternatives for meat, dairy and processed foods….take a deep breath…you’ll never miss them.

Fran Beach


Plant Based Radiance…why ‘Radiance’? Because I guarantee you will get that enviable ‘glow’ on your face that so many try to get with makeup, if you change to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle!  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE INSIDE!

My friends, I created this website with you in mind. We long for the health, vitality and well-being we were created to have, not only for ourselves but for our families and loved ones. But, how do we get there? You are in the right place for change and self-discovery! I pray that my beautifully photographed(by me) recipe creations, science-based expertise, heart-felt thoughts, and tales of my journey, will inspire you to live fully with vibrant health and well-being through a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. IT’S WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

Fun facts about me:

  • Fran RunningI Live in beautiful Naples, FL!! I am a nature lover, power walker/jogger and yoga enthusiast. Everyday, I awaken to brilliant skies, fresh air and a tropical garden filled with color and exotic birds!  Sip on one of my Green Smoothie Recipes, close your eyes and you will be here with me!
  • I love visiting organic markets not only here but all over the world.! I actually have an undergraduate degree in French and Art and spent time living in an old stone home in Brittany, replete with a huge cooking hearth, that featured a huge country table that we spent hours around, sipping local wine and tasting fresh food that the Madame had bought at market that morning. Unforgettable memories were made…and I know it influenced me in  loving the art of food design and becoming a Chef.
  • Back in the States, we settled into a new home in Naples. I took my savings and purchased an antique French Vaisselier(hutch
    Fran & Kyra

    With my daughter Kyra

    cupboard), and traditional wood table with hand-caned chairs from the  Breton town I lived in and set it up in my dining/entertainment area. My children grew up with this furniture with its well-worn walnut patina. It doesn’t go with Florida decor at all, but it has served as a centerpiece, a remembrance, of the sacredness of delicious food and lingering conversation around the table, so quintessentially French, often lost  with our busy American lives. Treasured memories…this table, the abounding, healthy, nourishing platters of food and especially the chattering of many happy guests that have enriched our lives. There are few greater blessing in this life!

  • I  took my son to live with a family in Costa Rica when he was twelve.  The loving Abuela (Grandma), would serve us the most memorably exotic, colorful, fresh fruits and pure foods, sometimes on palm fronds!  No language barriers here! These precious people and their love of family and healthy food impacted us both. Chris went on to graduate from Georgetown University, with a degree in Economics and Spanish, studying in Madrid Spain. And…of course, I went to visit and experienced the food and markets!  My wonderful, ebullient son is a lover of people, cultures, healthy food and is studying to become an athletic trainer alongside his job in IT in Boston.
  • The globe trotting doesn’t end there! My exquisitely beautiful (inside and out) daughter, Kyra, is from Russia. My husband and I traveled to an orphanage to adopt her when she was three (she is now 21)! In Kaliningrad, on the Baltic Sea, as well as in Moscow, we tasted delicious Vegetarian Borsht, masterful fresh Cabbage and Beet salads and savory diced potatoes. Is it any wonder that healthy ethnic cuisine and its healing qualities, are a centerpiece in my recipes and entertaining.

Even more Out-of-the-Box facts about me:

  • Fran & Son

    With my son Chris in Barcelona

    After my kids were grown, I went back to college to study Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight-Singing, Piano, with a focus on Classical Vocal Performance. Being a musician was not new to me; it was something I had put on hold while raising my family and now with my new healthy life, I had the vibrant energy to pursue it. After four years, I finished my studies in April 2016. A high point for me me was singing a Puccini Aria with a full orchestra at the Barbara B. Mann Theatre in Fort Myers, Florida.  I am continuing to work on up-coming recitals in the area.  And…could I possibly be the first singing chef in Naples!

  • I have been an award-winning artist for over four decades and have a studio in my home. My specialization in Portraiture, has allowed me the opportunity to paint thousands of people, all unique personalities both young and old, accomplished, famous and ordinary, just like me.  It has taught me to revere the sacredness and specific design and purpose for each of us…no two people were created the same, each has a beautiful story to tell.  I am anxious to know your story!

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