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Hi, I am Francie, owner of Plant Based Radiance. I want to welcome you to our website. I know it will offer you keys to your own long term holistic health and vibrant well-being…to be the best you ever! 

As the name Plant Based Radiance infers, you will ‘get the glow’ when you put more whole foods and plants on your plate and make lifestyle choices that help your body flourish radiantly. Trust me on that one. I know from experience. Ten years ago, I had Breast Cancer. Leading up to this frightening diagnosis, I had engaged in years of negative lifestyle habits and let myself go. I saw no correlation between what I put in my mouth or what lifestyle choices I made with my health. I thought my health was predetermined by my genetics. My doctor reinforced that belief. That’s what he was taught in medical school. So with low health expectations, I lived with depleted energy levels, poor sleep, high blood pressure, skin disorders, candida, dental issues, fifty pounds overweight; all with foreboding amounts of unresolved conflict and unmanaged prolonged stress. And then…I crashed. Looking back, I am grateful for that wake-up call.

Depleted and depressed after traditional cancer treatments, I was blessed to meet a Holistic, Integrative Healthcare Practitioner who got my attention by sharing the scientific facts about the healthful benefits of a plant-based diet. it was so compelling. Credible, peer-reviewed research documented the diet’s ability to even prevent and reverse disease. In actuality, genetics played a much smaller role. I learned that the human body when fueled with quality food and offered the right homeostatic environment, will heal itself. I was convinced by what the Ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates had stated, that “food is medicine”. I was convinced that whole, plant-based food, coupled with good lifestyle choices would offer me the best environment for healing. I went for it and never looked back.

Ten years later, I remain cancer free. That is amazing in and of itself. I also have experienced empowering surprises that I excitedly share with you! I have über health with no medications, glowing healthy skin and hair, clear healthy eyes, a low optimal body weight achieved without dieting, vibrant energy, age-defying well-being, purpose and joy. Now remember, I am a person with a prior life-long record of mediocre health! I have made it my life’s work to help people take charge of their health and vastly improve their lives so they can be who they were created to be. This can be done from the platform of a Whole Food Plant-Based diet with Healthy Lifestyle Adjustments. I can show you how!

Francie Bussing has an MS degree, an ACE Health Coach Certification, and a Certificate in Nutritional Studies, through eCornell with T. Colin Campbell. She is a Certified Professional Whole Food Plant-Based Chef, Plant-Based Lifestyle Educator, and inspirational Speaker and Demonstrator. She teaches hundreds of employees through the Naples Community Hospital Wellness Program on a monthly basis. She coaches individual clients and also works in Clinical settings. She is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and the Plantrician Project.


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